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Caitlin Cox

Caitlin Cox
Realtor | Marketing Director

Aligning my vision to achieve high levels of success while surrounded by people whom embody similar values and have a consistent urge to be the best of the best- I knew this team was exactly what I had been looking for. The Kristin Halton group, a top producing team that is ranked in the 1% of agents both locally and nationally. Specializing in Newport Beach, Corona del Mar and other coastal Orange County communities. Currently responsible for the Marketing Department, my creative and idyllic approach has helped the team’s brand relaunch since partnering. My ability to juggle both of the back-end office operations necessary for a successful real estate transaction, fully understanding the needs of the clients and successfully contributing to the teams overall production. I have always stretched myself and gone after opportunities in order to get what I want. Having a family business in the Mortgage industry, I grew up assisting my mom and dad and understand the severity of being thorough with your work, how important it is to provide support and that every endeavor presents itself with opportunities for growth - not just monetarily but personally and spiritually.

Prior experience has helped develop my industry knowledge and ability to handle large volume businesses. After graduating from Arizona State University, I knew Southern California is where I wanted my career and next chapter of life to begin. As the Leasing Manager of a private equity firm in Newport Beach and licensed property manager, I helped secure tenants in properties all over the U.S. Working with vendors, creating the lease agreements for different states, and obtaining an occupancy rate of 95% for the company’s assets.

My passions of life:

Volleyball was a major component of growing up. I played for the junior Olympics for the first time at the age of 12, I learned how important a team dynamic really is, taking responsibility and ownership in your own actions, and how sometimes dedication and sacrifice aren’t enough. I put my sweat and tears into my achievements as an athlete and reflecting back these years were some of my most cherished memories growing up.

Originally from Colorado, I hold true to my core values of honesty, accountability, humility and compassion. I cherish my family and friends so deeply. I love spending quality time with others. My spirituality makes me feel whole and nature makes me feel at ease. I love the spending time by the ocean, whether it’s running along the beach, in the water or simply taking in the scenery. Taking my babies on hikes around crystal cove, Mila and Sasha (Golden Retriever and Husky). Anything involving working out, I love running, going to the gym, skiing, hiking, Yoga, working out helps my mind and body align in all the right ways!